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Download a guided meditation to melt stress and boost your confidence in minutes.
Guided meditation for getting out of fight or flight mode

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The audio includes:

  • Full body scan
  • Muscle melting visualization
  • Energizing pep talk

The Stress Less guided meditation does what wine, baths and exercise can't do: relax your breathing, lower your blood pressure and give you clarity in minutes.

Download the audio and use it on the go: before a high pressure meeting, after a difficult day with the kids, anytime you want to melt stress so you can perform at the top of your game.

What You'll Get

The Stress Less guided meditation:
our most powerful tool for instant stress relief. Download the audio and take it on the go.

A Stress Less quickstart guide
so you can get the most out of the audio.

Plus, we'll send you chapter 1 of Stress Less, Accomplish More
(Harper Collins, Feb. 2019) including the Foreward by Dr. Mark Hyman and the Preface by Andrew Huberman, PhD, Neuroscientist at Stanford