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How a 15 Minute Habit Can Change Your Whole Life

Stress Less, Accomplish More: Meditation for Extraordinary Performance

What if you could use 2% of your day to completely transform the other 98%?

  • Get THE most powerful tool to eradicate stress from your brain and body.
  • Find out why you DON'T have to clear your mind to meditate.
  • Discover the little known secret to make MORE TIME by doing less.
  • Do this ONE thing before breakfast to triple your productivity.

What’s Inside the Book

Praise for Stress Less, Accomplish More

Mark Hyman

"Emily is my meditation teacher. To say I was shocked by what her style of meditation did for me is an understatement. After just two months, I felt happier, calmer, and less anxious. I have so much more energy. For the few minutes I put into meditation each day, I get back three hours of focus and quality work. The benefits of meditation bleed into everything I do."

-Mark Hyman, MD

Director of Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine and 11-time New York Times bestselling author

"I used to think, 'I can't ever quiet my mind, how can I learn to meditate?' After taking the Ziva course, I know that even if I'm having thoughts, it's still working. Now meditation is part of my daily ritual. People have noticed a change: they say, 'you look so radiant!'"

-Jenna Dewan

Host and Actor

Jenna Dewan
Sara Haines

“I recognize the power and importance of meditation, but I have always struggled in my commitment and consistency. In this beautiful book, Emily has shown me a way to meditate that’s simple, powerful and fail proof."

-Sara Haines

Co-host of Good Morning America

“This book can help you become a game changer by using meditation effectively. You really can learn to triple your productivity, make better decisions and become more creative. Stress Less, Accomplish More can help you know how to get out of your own way to uncover the power that has always been inside of you.”

-Dave Asprey

Founder & CEO of Bulletproof 360,
Creator of Bulletproof Coffee, and host of Bulletproof Radio

Dave Asprey

Doctors are calling stress the Black Plague of our century...

And I don't think that's an over-exaggeration.

According to Harvard Medical School stress is an epidemic that is responsible for 90% of all doctors visits. It can negatively impact your relationships and your ability to perform at the top of your game. It's become so widespread that we all accept it as "normal" to have insomnia, digestive issues and chronic anxiety. (Sound Familiar?) I'm here to tell you: this doesn't have to be your reality.

I'm Emily Fletcher
Emily Fletcher_cutout_circle

I'm Emily Fletcher, founder of Ziva Meditation

I've taught over 20,000 people to meditate using the Ziva Technique, including some of the world's top performers. Their transformations have been so inspiring that I wrote this book to make meditation accessible to as many people as possible.

The tools you will learn in Stress Less, Accomplish More will improve your sleep, strengthen your immune system, and increase neuroplasticty.

You will have the technique to take with you for life. It will help you manage stress and become the productive, energetic, happy person you know you can be.

What's Inside
Stress Less, Accomplish More?

Learn the Z Technique

A unique trifecta of mindfulness, meditation and manifesting you can do on your own for life.

Discover modern neuroscience

of how stress is making us stupid, sick and slow (and how meditation can help).

Dive into ancient philosophy

behind the technique and how to apply it to your busy, modern life.

Get 9 case studies

from Ziva students who’ve seen radical shifts in their performance, income, sleep, fertility and health.

Experience 4 guided visualizations

while reading the book and anytime after.

Challenge yourself

to complete 5 “eyes open” exercises including a stress survey so you can accurately gauge where you are starting (and celebrate your success.)

Understand the effects of stress

on your health (Ch. 5), sex life (Ch. 11), sleep (Ch. 4), how you age (Ch. 6) and your parking karma (Ch. 9).

Get practical tips

for making this a non-negotiable part of your daily life.

Bonus Materials When You Order

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zivaONLINE Master Training

Exclusive Preview of zivaONLINE Meditation Training
($125 Value)

  • Access Days 1-3 of our flagship training zivaONLINE.
  • Take what you learn in Stress Less, Accomplish More to the next level.
  • Get expert training in the first M of The Ziva Technique, Mindfulness.
  • Learn two simple but powerful techniques that will reduce your stress in the right now.
  • Includes 3 zivaONLINE training videos, The Neuroscience of Stress audio and our favorite guided visualization for deeper sleep.
zivaONLINE Master Training

All 9 Guided Exercises
from Inside the Book
($450 Value)

  • Super powerful 2x Breath breathing technique
  • A healing guided visualization to boost your immune system
  • Audio and video guidance for Superpower Poses to summon instant confidence
  • Come To Your Senses mindfulness exercise
  • Healing affirmations for when you’re feeling under the weather
  • A powerful manifesting exercise
  • Love Bomb mindfulness exercise — blast the planet with love!
  • A guided visualization for better sex and connection with your partner
  • A guided visualization for easing pain (mindfulness exercises like this one have been proven more effective than morphine)
zivaONLINE Master Training

Emily’s “Day in the Life Guide” for Extraordinary Performance
($50 Value)

  • A morning routine to prime the brain and body
  • Highest recommended daily supplements
  • Favorite superfood smoothie recipe for all day energy
  • What to eat for optimal brain performance

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Praise for Stress Less, Accomplish More

"I've met thousands of proponents of meditation. Emily stands out like a shining star. Her way of teaching, intellect, and charm take the concept of mindfulness and meditation to new heights. Read this book and study with Emily if you're seeking to bring meditation into your life."

-Vishen Lakhiani

founder and CEO of Mindvalley and New York Times bestselling author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

"The busier you are, the more you need Ziva Meditation. I now think more clearly. I'm much more alert, I look forward to my twice a day respite."

-Stacy London

Fashion Expert, What Not to Wear & The View

"Emily Fletcher's praise-worthy Ziva Technique as taught in Stress Less, Accomplish More meets each of us precisely where we are in the present moment of our lives, elevating us to our highest potential in our personal and professional creative expressions."

-Michael Bernard Beckwith

Bestselling author, spiritual teacher and founder of Agape International Spiritual Center

"Emily skillfully weaves the wisdom of the Vedas and the power of meditation practice into one beautiful package for the modern high-performer. Her words are honest, warm, heartfelt and soulful."

-Chade-Meng Tan

NY Times Bestselling Author of Search Inside Yourself and Joy on Demand

"Emily is a deep scholar of meditation, and she makes learning it incredibly playful, fun, and entertaining. Stress Less, Accomplish More is anything but boring, and it very well may change your life."

-Andrew Huberman, PhD

Neuroscientist, Stanford University

"I truly hope people read and adopt the practice Emily Fletcher teaches so elegantly in Stress Less, Accomplish More. The less stress you have in your life, the less stress you will pass on to your children."

-Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Author of The Conscious Parent

"I’ve been working with Olympic athletes and high achievers for over two decades. And I’m always picky about the people I refer my clients to. Emily sits at the top of my list because her system works. She takes the benefits of meditation to a completely new level, while not scaring away the newbie. Invest in yourself!”

-Todd Herman

Performance coach to Olympic athletes and author of The Alter Ego Effect

"Emily makes meditation so accessible. Her style is the easiest to adopt into a busy life that I have ever found (and I’ve tried a lot)."

-Robin Berzin, MD

CEO of Parsley Health

Taught At & Featured By

ABC Google Harvard Business School Today Show Global Citizen
Elle Barclays Atlantic
The New York Times Forbes Viacom Good Morning America Vogue

"We meditate to get good at life, not to get good at meditation."

-Emily Fletcher

About the Author

Emily Fletcher is the founder of Ziva, the creator of The Ziva Technique and regarded as the leading expert in meditation for high performance. Her bestselling book Stress Less, Accomplish More debuted at #7 out of all books on Amazon.

The New York Times, The Today Show, Vogue and ABC News have all featured her work. She’s been named one of the top 100 women in wellness, has taught 20,000 students and has spoken on meditation for performance at Google, Apple, Harvard Business School & Barclays Bank. Ziva graduates include Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Tony award winners, as well as NBA players, CEOs, busy parents and entrepreneurs.

Her recent accomplishments provide a stark contrast to the stressed out Broadway performer she was ten years ago. During Emily’s decade-long career on Broadway, which included roles in Chicago, The Producers & A Chorus Line, she began going gray at 27, suffering from insomnia, underperforming at work, getting sick 4-5 times a year — and believing this was all “normal.”

Thankfully she found a powerful practice that cured her insomnia and improved her health on the very first day. Her physical and professional transformation was so dramatic that she felt inspired to share it with others.

One year later, Emily left Broadway for Rishikesh, India to begin what would become 3 years of teacher training. She founded Ziva in 2011 opening the NYC studio and created the world’s first online meditation training.

After years of teaching thousands of people, Emily realized that meditation was not enough to help her students perform at the top of their game. In 2017, she developed The Ziva Technique: a powerful trifecta of mindfulness, meditation and manifesting designed to unlock your full potential.

Stress Less, Accomplish More